12 O'Clock Track: Pretty & Nice, "Capsules" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Pretty & Nice, "Capsules"


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Pretty & Nice's 2008 album, Get Young, is a jagged, postpunk-happy pop record that's as zany and out-there as it is catchy and radio friendly. The Boston trio is adept at striking a balance between weird time signatures and bizarre song structure and knowing when falsetto vocals should melodize. Plus the tracks are just fun—together they add up to one of the more refreshing albums to come out that year.

But 2008 was a long time ago, and my aging brain had maybe forgotten a bit about Pretty & Nice. So it was nice to see that they're still in the racket. They haven't had any new full-lengths since Get Young, but they did just drop the new EP, Us You All We (Pax Natural), and played at Township last week. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Capsules," is from said EP, and it features the band's mix of poppiness and oddball melodies, though with a bit less of the raucous weirdness of, say, "Tora Tora Tora". It's a hooky and clever track nonetheless, and reason to begin paying attention to Pretty & Nice if you aren't already.