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12 O'Clock Track: Lyres, "Help You Ann"



Lyres, On Fyre
  • Lyres, On Fyre
In late September Spanish garage-rock label Munster reissued the first two albums by Boston legends the Lyres. Both seem to go in and out of print on a regular basis, and the latest go-round was in 1998, when Matador reissued the band's first three albums and a compilation of early tracks. The Lyres were formed in 1979 by Jeff "Monoman" Conolly after his great punk combo DMZ called it quits, and they've soldiered on with different lineups in fits and starts ever since (though there hasn't been a new Lyres record since 1988). On Fyre was originally released in 1984, and Lyres Lyres came out two years later, both on the Ace of Hearts label, which had released the group's self-titled debut EP in 1981.

Those albums still sound pretty great today. Conolly was a true believer in raw rock 'n' roll, singing with an authoritative rasp that's on par with early Roky Erickson and pounding the shit out of his Vox Continental organ The group's indisputable high-water mark is today's 12 O'Clock Track: "Help You Ann," a brilliant tremolo-driven spasm of lust that still sounds as essential as any garage-rock hit from the 60s (or from any decade since, for that matter). It was first released as an Ace of Hearts single in 1982, and it was later added to On Fyre. Each of the Munster reissues contains four bonus tracks cut during sessions for On Fyre but unreleased until the Matador reissues in 1998 (when all eight were tacked onto On Fyre).