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Keep up with the Lakefront Trail on Twitter


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Free and clear
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  • Free and clear
On the surface, the impetus for a bike ride from Logan Square to Hyde Park this past Saturday was to see about a jankity vintage couch from Craigslist that I presupposed I wouldn't buy. Mostly, though, I just wanted to cruise the south side of the Lakefront Trail. Living in Logan and generally hanging in its surrounding areas (meaning, say, watering holes and venues west of Ashland), I don't ride the southern section of the Trail nearly as much as I'd like—and it's really some of the city's best riding, with smooth, winding stretches that hug the lake, Instagram-ready pull-offs, and less cycle congestion overall.

For those of you commuting the Trail on a daily basis, whatever, I'm probably just regurgitating details you already know. But what you may not be aware is that the trusty Active Transportation Alliance aims to make your Trail ride as navigable as possible. It maintains a Twitter handle (@activetransLFT) to update all the cycling Twitterheads on the Trail's detours and conditions—a tool I likely would have utilized prior to trudging through a moderate SSW headwind on my way to Hyde Park on Saturday. And it also promotes the hashtag #CHILFT for those of you who want to report on patches of black ice or blustery wind conditions firsthand (its feed often "rebroadcasts" the info, as long as it remains objective).

So with frigid weather settling in and the Trail's conditions undoubtedly beginning to worsen—both in temperature and wind—maybe do your fellow year-rounders a favor and let them know what they're getting themselves into before they bundle up, throw bikes over their shoulders, and step out into the bitter, bitter cold.

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