12 O'Clock Track: No Anchor, "One Means" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: No Anchor, "One Means"


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I forget how I stumbled upon Australian noise-rock act No Anchor, but I'm glad I did; the trio's heavy, aggressive sound made Real Pain Supernova one of the better free albums I came across last year.

No Anchor is dropping a new full-length at the end of the month called The Golden Bridge. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is one of the standouts from that new album, "One Means."

The tune is built atop a lumbering riff which takes on a krautrock-style groove as "One Means" progresses and makes the tune one of the stronger moments off The Golden Bridge. Take a listen to the track below, stream the whole album on Bandcamp, and if you really like what you hear pre-order the import-only vinyl edition. (I hope some benevolent fan from the U.S. will release a domestic vinyl version of The Golden Bridge, 'cause shipping from Australia isn't cheap!)

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