Guitarist Trevor de Brauw debuts new track in conjuction with his Neon Marshmallow appearance


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Trevor de Brauw, most likely playing at a very high volume
  • Trevor de Brauw, most likely playing at a very high volume
Trevor de Brauw, guitarist for instrumental giants Pelican and drone collective Chord, is the man who is kicking off this weekend's Neon Marshmallow Music Festival. He's opening tonight's excellent lineup, which includes Greg Fox's Guardian Alien project and, with a solo guitar set, local synth act Winbreaker. Festivalgoers who purchase a $60 four-day pass are treated to an MP3 compilation of the festival acts, and de Brauw was kind enough to premiere his comp contribution here on the Bleader. You can hear the hazy guitar track after the jump.

"They Keep Bowing" was originally intended for de Brauw's solo record, Uptown, an effort labored over since 2005. The track was cut from the album because de Brauw doubts its completion; he's already begun work on a follow-up. Recorded in 2006 with four guitar tracks and an organ, "They Keep Bowing" is quite the departure from the crushing riffs of Pelican, instead favoring a lush swell of chords. Starting with the hum of an organ, the track steadily grows into a warm, dreamy drone topped with blissful guitar bends. The song sums up de Brauw's musical repertoire perfectly: he may be using overwhelming layers and volume, but he's never been afraid to make his songs pretty.


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