Did you read about the Max Headroom incident, Thai relishes, and obscure-music blogs?



Ladies and gentlemen: The least interesting person of 2012!
  • Gage Skidmore
  • Ladies and gentlemen: The least interesting person of 2012!
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Hey, did you read:

GQ naming Mitt Romney the "least influential" person of 2012? Sam Worley

• An unusual perspective from a surprising source? Tony Adler

• That Thanksgiving was the 25th anniversary of the infamous "Max Headroom Incident," perhaps the best-known case of TV pirating, which took place here in Chicago? (This article includes the incredibly creepy footage. This article also includes use of the phrase "marital aid.") Luca Cimarusti

• That there are at least two kinds of navels, scientists tell us? (They're talking about bacteria collected there, not innies and outies. The differences are mystifying.) Michael Miner

• How to read like a hipster? (You probably haven't, it's pretty obscure.) Asher Klein

• Leela Punyaratabandhu on the vast and mysterious world of Thai relishes—and why Thais don't use chopsticks? Mike Sula

• This conversation about the short-lived explosion of music blogs mining the vast recesses of obscure music? Peter Margasak

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