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Hanky-panky with the hokey pokey



The hokey pokey, disambiguated
  • puuikibeach
  • The hokey pokey, disambiguated
"The hokey cokey (United Kingdom), hokey pokey (United States, Canada, Ireland, Australia), hokey tokey (New Zealand), also known as okey cokey, or cokey cokey, is a participation dance with a distinctive accompanying tune and lyric structure." —Wikipedia

Hokey pokey (disambiguation)

Hokey pokey can refer to:

Hokey pokey (ice cream)

Hokey Pokey (album), an album by Richard and Linda Thompson released in 1975

Hokey Pokey, the controversial Texas prison, closed in 1963, where the common practice of prisoners holding their arms out to receive meals originated a new dance trend

Hokey low-key, drugged to an artificial state of calm, as in spending the holidays with family

Hokeyoke, a subgenre of karaoke covers of Psy's "Gangnam Style"

Hokey dokey, just don't, please

, the Italian version of the hokey dokey, notable for its substitution of facial appendages for arms and legs

Hokey Croce
, pretty much this: