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Snack time: Spicy sriracha peas


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sriracha peas
Don't get too excited. I know you're just as insane about Huy Fong Foods' sriracha sauce as the next foodlum. But you know "sriracha" isn't a proprietary term, right? It's the generic name for a thinner, tangier chile-garlic sauce from Thailand, rather than the California-manufactured stuff created by Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant David Tran, aka "rooster sauce" (for the strutting cock pictured on the squeeze bottle*).

Hapi brand Spicy Sriracha Peas actually come from Thailand and are in no way associated with rooster sauce. But it's difficult to see how much they have to do with the real thing either, since about the only thing they seem to have remotely in common is garlic powder. Plenty of dextrose and silicon dioxide, but no chiles, apparently. That's evident in the taste too: sugary and garlicky but little heat—nowhere near the brain-scraping power of their wasabi pea cousins. That's OK, though. You'll need to be manacled to stop eating them once you start. You'll find them, along with all the other fine Hapi snacks, at Mitsuwa.

*Fair's fair, I guess. The U.S.'s most popular brands of fish sauce pretend they're Vietnamese but actually come from Thailand. And even rooster sauce is counterfeited.

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