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12 O'Clock Track: Swearin', "Kenosha"


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Swearins self-titled LP
  • Swearin's self-titled LP
I feel like I'm way too old to love Swearin' as much as I do. These kids from New York are playing straight-up emo, the kind of emo I listened to in high school—the kind of emo I haven't listened to since. I'm almost 30, so it feels a little silly to be listening to little kids singing tales of teenage heartbreak and summer nights and road trips to see old friends, but I haven't stopped spinning their self-titled full-length since a friend showed it to me after their stop in Chicago last Tuesday. I've seriously been listening to the record two to three times a day, every day, for the past eight days. I'm also kicking myself really hard for not going to the show. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is "Kenosha," my favorite cut off of the LP.

Part of what makes Swearin' so excellent is lead singer Allison Crutchfield, whose endearing, honest, almost flat vocal delivery finds itself somewhere between That Dog's Anna Waronker and Kim Deal during her more subdued days in the Amps. This adds a warm, 90s-indie-rock throwback to the band's take on emo and pop-punk. Combined with the song's melody and lyrics, this kicks off a massive nostalgia trip; it takes me back to a time when everything was exciting, the world was still huge, and the future was bright and uncertain. Now I'm just old, bored, and only want to listen to Darkthrone.

The record is available via Salinas Records.