More Saturday night music options: Dancing machines, Internet rappers, and more | Bleader

More Saturday night music options: Dancing machines, Internet rappers, and more


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Daniel Higgs and Honey Cocaine, together at last
  • Daniel Higgs and Honey Cocaine, together at last
As Kevin Warwick mentioned on the Bleader yesterday, Chicago's about to go into the live-music drought that happens every winter as holidays and tour routing designed to avoid the region's inclement weather conspire to keep acts away from the midwest. So right now music fans in the area should be packing in as many shows as they can, to pack in as much live music as they can take, like a bear getting ready to hibernate. We've got a bunch of great suggestions on Soundboard, but unfortunately it doesn't always have room for every worthwhile musical event happening in the city. So here are a few more suggestions for tomorrow night:

Daniel Higgs and Michael Zerang at Heaven Gallery

Daniel Higgs from Sandy Carson Photography on Vimeo.
Former Lungfish front man (and genius-level tattoo artist) Dan Higgs has spent the past few years exploring the astral plane to the accompaniment of drones he creates on archaic instruments like the banjo, the harmonium, and the mouth harp. Michael Zerang is one of the most far-out and entertaining musicians in the Chicago jazz scene, and he's also got a thing for playing trance music. Pairing the two of them together for a collaborative performance will likely result in a transcendental experience. And not even the music-crit definition of "transcendental," but the serious one that means getting your third eye busted open.

Kreayshawn, Rye Rye, Honey Cocaine, and Chippy Nonstop at the Metro

So "Gucci Gucci" viral star Kreayshawn hasn't turned out to be the savvy media artist some of us were hoping she'd be, and if her Somethin' Bout Kreay album is any indication she hasn't improved as a rapper. But what she has done is put together an audience ready and willing to go nuts over female rappers with big-time Internet presence, which could describe each of the three ladies opening up for her tonight. Of the three, Rye Rye has the greatest reputation as a legit musician, and Honey Cocaine has the least, although she does have an amazing enough stage name to almost make up for it. But it's Internet heavyweight Chippy Nonstop who has the best single, in the form of the fantastically obnoxious "Money Dance." If you've ever wondered what it would be like to physically occupy a Tumblr page this is the show for you.

Kid Koala & His Incredible Dancing Machines at Double Door

Turntablist and beat maker Kid Koala has always tempered his abstract and frequently challenging interpretation of hip-hop with a sense of twisted whimsy that in retrospect shares a lot of qualities with the cult cartoon Adventure Time. And the Incredible Dancing Machines aren't a backup band or anything—for his latest tour he's expanded the live experience to include dancing girls, puppets, and robots, which sounds well worth the price of tickets.