GLI.TC/H starts tomorrow, promises to Fâ—²C▄▀SH.*UP↓ | Bleader

GLI.TC/H starts tomorrow, promises to Fâ—²C▄▀SH.*UP↓


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This makes sense, right?
  • This makes sense, right?
Tomorrow afternoon marks the first events of GLI.TC/H 2112, a four-day event celebrating "glitch art," the creative reappropriation of technological malfunctions. The event organizers define glitches as "unexpected, non- or mis-understood break[s] in a technological flow that for a moment reveals (or gives a window into), its system." The celebration includes video screenings, academic panels, and curated gallery exhibits. It takes place in three venues around Wicker Park: High Concept Labs, Tritriangle Gallery, and the appropriately named TGFKAHD. You can find a full schedule and some head-spinning images at the official website. The FAQ page offers explanations of the program's mission and advice for how you can make your own glitch art.

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