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How to do Christmas music right


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The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, and friends
  • The Roots, Jimmy Fallon, Mariah Carey, and friends
Every year, just after Thanksgiving ends, I write something on this blog about my dislike for Christmas music; in fact I already did so just over a week ago. But I'm starting to feel that arguing about Christmas music is sort of like arguing about cilantro, where there are people who understand the truth of the matter (Christmas music is terrible, cilantro is nasty and tastes like soap) and people who refuse to do so—and no argument, no matter how eloquent it is, will change their minds.

And that's fine. Or rather it's not fine, but I don't care enough to continue the fight. Instead I will try to do whatever I can to point people towards the few tolerable pieces of Christmas music in existence in the hopes that it will crowd out some of the flat-out terrible stuff from their holiday playlists.

Like, for instance, the Roots and Jimmy Fallon collaborating with Mariah Carey on a rendition of her "All I Want for Christmas Is You," performed with the same kind of kindergarten-music instrumentation as that used in their utterly delightful performance of "Call Me Maybe." Check it out after the jump.

POP QUIZ: The best part about this video is:

- The song itself, which is good enough that some people would listen to it during non-Christmas times.

- ?uestlove wearing that sweater.

- The quartet of little girls who pop up Muppet-like to do backup vocals.

- Mariah Carey's inimitable combination of diva-like elegance and cool-girl nonchalance.

- The fact that even the Roots—arguably one of the tightest live bands in the world—struggle a tiny bit with the song, which is in fact far more complicated and difficult than its deceptive breeziness might suggest, an aspect musicians tend to not realize until they've already committed to performing it.

- ?uestlove using his Afro pick as a percussion instrument.

- Errthing.


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