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One day in Mayor Rahm's Chicago


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Just one moment from another day in the life of Rahm.
Woke up Saturday morning, opened my Sun-Times and this is what I saw . . .

On page six, a picture of Governor Quinn and Mayor Rahm standing together, looking grim. Probably 'cause one can't stand the other.

The accompanying story says they'd patched up their differences and were about to sign on to a deal to bring a casino to Chicago.

Maybe to Wolf Point. Well, the story didn't say that, but anything's possible.

Mayor Rahm swears up-and-down that all of the city's proceeds from the casino will go to the schools.

Of course, that's what they said about the state's lottery money—as any old-timer will tell you.

So the mayor's promising to use casino money on schools while he diverts over $200 million a year from the schools to feed his TIF kitty. From which he recently took roughly $30 million to give to some of the world's richest real estate developers to build River Point, an office high-rise in River North, one of the richest parts of town.

But this time the casino money really, truly is going to the schools! 'Cause . . .

"Building new schools, doing new additions, modernizing to handle the type of education our kids are gonna need to compete and win so the jobs of tomorrow don't go to Japan, don't go to Korea," the mayor said in the story.

Meanwhile, on the opposite page is a picture of a black woman named Glenda Thomas who's one of 54 Chicago Public Library custodians about to lose their jobs as part of the mayor's ongoing outsourcing efforts.

"I'm very concerned because I don't know what I'm going to do," Thomas says. "Christmas is coming. What about my bills I have to pay at home?"

The library custodial cuts come on top of the 300 custodial jobs outsourced at O'Hare airport and the 34 water call-center job cuts I've written about from time to time.

That's the deal where Mayor Rahm outsourced water-center operations to NTT Data, a company based in Japan.

So apparently the mayor's going to train tomorrow's workers to compete with workers in Japan. Even as he fires today's workers and gives their salaries to a company based in Japan.

If they're lucky, the outsourced city workers can win back their wages at the mayor's casino!

Also on page six is a story about closing scores of schools in Chicago. In order to save money. Giving the mayor even more money to send to Japan or give to the world's richest developers.

Question: If the mayor's closing schools, why does he need casino money to build new ones?

Answer: 'Cause the mayor doesn’t really want to "close" schools so much as convert them into charters run by his cronies who pay their teachers shitty salaries. So he can continue his curious economic development strategy of building a better Chicago by eliminating its middle class.

Wait, wait—we're not done with Saturday's news.

"6 people shot within 10 minutes,” reads the headline on a story on page eight.

The shootings happened on the south side.

What do you expect from a city that starves its own?

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