Did you read about taxes, Gerard Depardieu's tax evasion, and poop archaeology?


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Hey, did you read:

• That two-thirds of Americans, including almost half of Republicans, think President Obama's reelection has given him a mandate to raise taxes, according to a new Bloomberg poll? Steve Bogira

• About the Cook County Criminal Courts' ban on electronic-communication devices? Tony Adler

• The Kansas City Star's special report on the health hazards posed by mechanical beef tenderization? (NSFB: not safe for breakfast.) Kate Schmidt

• That for the first time (and probably last time) the reclusive monks of Belgium's St. Sixtus Abbey have exported to the States their Westvleteren 12 trappist ale, widely considered the best beer in the world, and it goes on sale today? Philip Montoro

• About the guy unjustly getting a lot of flak for the ongoing NHL lockout? Asher Klein

• About Gerard Depardieu's tax-evasion scheme? Ben Sachs

• About Nell Scovell's time writing alongside Conan O'Brien and Greg Daniels on Fox's short-lived news-and-comedy show The Wilton and North Report? Kevin Warwick

• About poop archaeology? Jerome Ludwig


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