Did you read that the world's still here, we're still debating gun control, and Mick Dumke didn't know who Eddie Haskell is?



Still here.
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Hey, did you read:

• That we survived the apocalypse? Luca Cimarusti

• That the world's still here? If you're looking to read up on why, check out Andrew Fraknoi's "Resources for Responding to Doomsday 2012: An Annotated Guide." —John Dunlevy

• That the city is going ahead with plans to privatize Midway? Mick Dumke

• That one of the MCC escapees was caught last night? Luca Cimarusti

• This interesting look at the history of the second amendment? Tony Adler

• The New Yorker's Adam Gopnik on the "simple truth about gun control"? Tony Adler

• The ten favorite (as opposed to "best") 2012 books of each of the New York Times daily book critics? Steve Bogira

• The Casual Optimist's favorite book covers? Tony Adler

• About Olympic track star Suzy Favor Hamilton's escort-biz sideline? Deanna Isaacs

• That Mick Dumke had no idea who Eddie Haskell is? (sheesh) Jerome Ludwig

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