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124 tasty things from 2012



squirrel burgoo
I've already gone on about the new restaurants I thought put together the total package this year. But as in 2011, there were a bunch of additional bites that made 2012 a great year for eating in the city.

In roughly chronological order:

(1) tan tan-men, (2) duck-fat chicken karaage, (3) house-made tofu, (4) coconut quail-egg shooter, (5) sea-salt ice cream, all from Slurping Turtle
(6) Effy's seared mortadella, (7) rock shrimp polpette, (8) charred carrots, from Bar Toma
(9) spiced beluga lentils (with quail), Goosefoot
(10) grits (with duck breast), (11) smoked octopus, Three Floyd's Brewpub

113 more after the jump:

cocido, Publican Quality Meats

(12) kani ramen, Katsu
(13) bun mam, Nha Hang Viet Nam
(14) Blue Diamond wasabi & soy sauce almonds
(15) bo ko, Nhu lan Bakery
(16) sour cream doughnut, Munster Donut
(17) pickled garlic
(18) Alex Bachman’s Three Arrows, Yusho
(19) Suntory Yamazaki sherry cask whiskey, (20) Gordon & MacPhail 1995 Imperial scotch, (21) grilled yellowtail head, (22) skin sampler, (23) uni, (24) maitake mushrooms with 5:10 egg, Yusho
Kitfo and qocho
  • Lake Langano
  • Kitfo and qocho

(25) lobster nuggets and squash agnolotti, Goosefoot
(26) chicken presse, (27) milk chocolate cremeaux, (28) the Amnesiac, Acadia
(29) Red Boat fish sauce
(30) Fattah, Sheeba (RIP)
(31) Alan Lake’s peat-smoked shrimp
(32) lamb meatloaf, Bread & Wine
(33) achari onion dosa, (34) bisi bela huli anna, Sankalp
(35) cocido, (36) blood sausage, Publican Quality Meats
(37) smoked shrimp, Hagen’s
(38) octopus with lemon oregano gremolata, (39) pistachio cake, Urban Union
(40) kitfo with qocho, false banana bread, Lake Langano
bun mam, Nha Hang Viet Nam

(41) tuna carpaccio, RPM
(42) bagna cauda, (43) Amaro dell'Erborista, Bar Ombra
(44) Duck-heart hash, (45) cheeseburger, (46) bologna sandwich, Au Cheval
(47) Squirrel burgoo
(48) Paul Fehribach’s bacon, biscuits, and gravy, Baconfest
(49) mushroom soup, Cho Jung
(50) aligot, Allium
schnitzel sandwich, Olgas Deli

(51) Letherbee gin
(52) spaghetti with cured tuna, squid-ink strozzapreti, radiatore, mortadella, pistachio, and red onion, grilled lamb loin, Nellcote
(53) duqqa, the Nut House
(54) tagliolini nero with crab, sea urchin, and chiles, (55) tripe, (56) Korean short ribs, (57) the Elixir, (58) the Fib, (59) tiramisu, Balena
(60) makdous, Al Bawadi Grill
Chrysanthemum pavlova, Bonsoiree

(61) grilled pork belly, Troquet
(62) turkey-cheddar-broccoli crepe, Frog N Snail
(63) the Rocky, (64) roast pork loin grinder, Monti’s
(65) falafel, (66) mackerel with olive tapenade, (67) "smoked" salmon, Premise (RIP)
(68) Hunter beef sandwich, Spinzer Restaurant
(69) the Guapichosa, (70) Lemonhart Mai Tai, (71) the Bitter Old Coot, Scofflaw
cheeseteak, Montis

(72) char dog, Phil’s Last Stand
(74) Asian carp hot pot, Ma Gong La Po
(75) marinated Genoa tuna and onion pizza, (76) Nutella pizza, Pizzeria da Nella Cucina Napoletana
(77) shrimp taco, mushroom taco, Antique Taco
(78) hornado, Cuenca’s Bakery
(79) Orange rush, Kai Zan
(80) calamari, (81) oxtail lasagna, Graham Elliot Bistro
meatball, Bavettes

(82) Schnitzel sandwich, (83) potato salad, Olga’s Deli
(84) mandu, Himshikar
(85) Smoking Goose’s Delaware Fireball
(86) mac 'n' cheese, Dragon Ranch
(87) sepia noodles, bacon-cured sweetbreads, Trenchermen
(88) spinach-mushroom tamal, Yvolina’s Tamales
(89) sunray venus clams and chorizo, Savoy
(90) black-and-white pudding, Spencer’s Jolly Posh Food
beossotang, Chi Jung

(91) mirchi ka salan, Ghareeb Nawaz
(92) Belgian frites, Wood
(93) meatball, Stroganoff, (94) creamed spinach, (95) hash browns, (96) bread service, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf
(97) Best Naan’s barbari bread
(98) bacon jam, P.E. Mullins
(99) uni, Masaki
(100) Journeyman Distillery’s Featherbone Bourbon
mirchi ka salan, Ghareeb Nawaz

(101) chrysanthemum pavlova, Bonsoiree
(102) 28-year-old cheddar
(103) lamb-and-beef gyro, Covo Gyro Market
(104) Bare Knuckle Farm roasted pork sirloin, via Butcher & Larder
(105) kapi fried rice, Andy Thai Kitchen
(106) 2009 Julien Fremont Cidre Brut par Nature
(107) carrots, raccoon, Elizabeth
(108) sliced pork belly with crushed garlic, Lao Ma La
(109) Valentino Pasta’s fusilli gigante
(110) tamarind ribs, Embeya
hornado, Cunecas Bakery

(111) Wild Ophelia beef jerky chocolate bar
(112) bouchot mussels, chicken liver paté, duck hearts, the Publican
(113) di san xian, (114) stir-fried pork with dry bean curd and jalapeño, and (115) pork-fried cake at Homestyle Taste
(116) baby potatoes with soy sauce, Northern City
(117) salsa de molcajete, Masa Azul
(118) spicy sriracha peas
(119) sake lees-marinated hamachi
(120) Badou’s Senegalese Soul Food, Badou
(121) squash empanadas, La Sirena Clandestina
(122) pork ear and papaya, (123) balichang and catfish, Fat Rice
(124) everything bagel, Reno
kani ramen, Katsu