Did you read about Spike Lee, facial-hair transplant tourism, and what Rahm Emanuel's reading?



Spike Lee: not a Tarantino fan
  • Spike Lee: not a Tarantino fan
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Hey, did you read:

• This gallery of Instagram photos featuring people showing off their Christmas presents? (So what's newsworthy about that? Well, the gifts all happen to be semiautomatic weapons.) Tal Rosenberg

• Double X's roundup of the year's biggest douchebags? Kate Schmidt

• About facial-hair transplant "tourism" in Turkey? Ben Sachs

• What Arne Duncan, Peter Thiel, Judd Apatow, Jeb Bush, and, ahem, Rahm Emanuel were reading in 2012? Tal Rosenberg

• "A Copy Editor's Twelve Days of Christmas"? Steve Bogira

• The story behind character actor Charles Durning? (Read all the way through to the end.) Tony Adler

• That Spike Lee refuses to see Django Unchained, saying, "it's disrespectful to my ancestors"? Tal Rosenberg

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