2012 was the year of the Cultural Plan—remember that? | Bleader

2012 was the year of the Cultural Plan—remember that?


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Except for the presidential election, nothing in 2012 was the subject of more hoopla than the new Chicago Cultural Plan.

All year long there were proclamations, slogans, logos, buttons, banners, brochures, and programmed talk, talk, talk at expansive town-hall meetings and cozy neighborhood "cultural conversations."

The head of the National Endowment for the Arts even came to town to tell us how visionary and wonderful it was going to be.

And all that time, it was huffed and puffed and stuffed with so much hot air about strategies and stakeholders and innovations and priorities and recommendations and global aspirations and hundreds of initiatives until, like a great big stretched balloon, on the morning of October 15, at an elementary school in Pilsen, when it was finally done, in front of the Mayor and a teeny-tiny, invited audience, it—POPPED AND DISAPPEARED!

So far as I know, it hasn't been seen since.

But the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events says there will be an announcement about implementation in late January.

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