Mayor Rahm sabotages Bill Daley's run for governor | Bleader

Mayor Rahm sabotages Bill Daley's run for governor


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From left: Bill Daley, former Mayor Richard M. Daley, and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2005
  • Sun-Times Media
  • From left: Bill Daley, former Mayor Richard M. Daley, and current Mayor Rahm Emanuel in 2005
I open my morning Sun-Times—home delivered, as always—and what do I see? A creature crawled out of the Black Lagoon!

Daley makes another move toward gov run, the headline reads.

Inside, columnist Michael Sneed's got the inside dope from unnamed inside dopesters about Bill Daley commissioning a poll "to determine his viability in a race for governor of Illinois."

"We're hoping he'll run, but the polls will tell all," Sneed quotes "a top Dem source."

Meanwhile, one paragraph later, Sneed reports that Mayor Rahm, "who is this/close to Bill Daley," recently "called a heavy duty top Dem contributor asking if he'd be willing to contribute to a Daley gubernatorial run.

"The response: Sneed is told the answer was: 'No.'"

Translation: Tired of being a rich banker, Bill Daley wants to run for governor, but Mayor Rahm's doing whatever he can—including leaking poisonous stuff about Daley to gossip columnists—to sabotage that effort. While pretending he's Bill Daley's friend.

Hey, Daleys, I told you not to trust this guy.

Actually, Mayor Rahm and I may see eye to eye on this one.

I don't know why anyone would want another Daley to run for anything. We just got through 20-odd years of Richard Daley's reign as mayor only to be told that virtually everything Daley did—from schools to parking meters—has to be undone by the very people who cheered him on while he was doing it.

Presumably, the reason we need Bill Daley to be our governor is that he—like his brother—is the kind of politician who can get things done. Unlike Governor Quinn, who can't get anything done. Except for stymie Mayor Rahm's efforts to hand out millions of tax dollars to the Cubs. Don't wuss on that one, Governor, stay strong.

Of course, Mayor Rahm's main calling card is that he, too, is the kind of politician who can get things done. In retrospect that's pretty much the only credible reason I heard for voting for him. In contrast to voters saying he's President Obama's guy.

Admit it, west and south sides: you were duped!

By the way, have you ever noticed that the stuff done by pols, who can get things done, is stupid shit that no one wants in the first place? Like, oh, the NATO summit. While the stuff people want is stuff these get-things-done pols can't get done.

Like gay marriage.

Gay marriage is so mainstream that even the Tribune supports it. Yet it recently fell three votes shy of passage in the state senate. In part because one certain yes vote—state senator Jeff Schoenberg—was out of the country on a family vacation.

If you recall, Mayor Rahm had made gay marriage one his top legislative priorities. Heckuva job on getting it passed, Mayor Rahm.

Where was our legendary arm-twisting, finger-pointing, F-bomb-dropping, get-things-done mayor when we needed him? Probably worn out from getting the City Council to vote for the digital billboard deal.

Speaking of stupid shit that no one wants done.

Why not just switch it all up? Have Bill Daley run for mayor and let Mayor Rahm go back to being a rich banker. He rules like one anyway.

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