12 O'Clock Track: My Dad, "Cut the Mullet" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: My Dad, "Cut the Mullet"


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My Dads Dave Collis
  • My Dad's Dave Collis
I'm pretty keen on My Dad, the eccentric local punk group fronted by Dave Collis, and I also have been known to enjoy Chicago outsider-music icon Wesley Willis; so when Collis told me he released a couple reinterpretations of tunes by local artists, including a Wesley Willis cover, I jumped to take a listen.

Today's 12 O'Clock Track is My Dad's take on Willis's "Cut the Mullet."

The original tune is pretty offbeat, but My Dad's version is odd in its own right; Collis sounds slightly deranged while screaming and mumbling Willis's lyrics over cycling guitar patterns, resplendent reverb, and crashing cymbals. You can stream My Dad's "Cut the Mullet" below; you can grab that track and a cover of Joan of Arc's "Let's Wrestle" for free from My Dad's Bandcamp.