12 O'Clock Track: Electronic synth-pop from Candian hardcore vets Yacht Club, "A Little Messed Up"



One of Yacht Clubs many upcoming releases.
  • One of Yacht Club's many upcoming releases.
Over the summer I featured a Young Governor song on 12 O'Clock Track. I explained how Young Governor was the insanely hooky pop alter-ego of Canadian hardcore veteran Ben Cook, who currently plays in prog-core heavy hitters Fucked Up and cut his teeth as the frontman for mosh bros No Warning. Cook's solo and side projects have always leaned towards the accessible side of the musical spectrum, proving that he can do catchy and pretty just as well, if not better, than he can do aggro, and his new project, Yacht Club, takes this idea to the extreme.

Yacht Club is a team-up with another No Warning alum, Matt DeLonge, and together they create dancey, 80s-influenced new wave electro-pop. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is their newest, "A Little Messed Up," and it's been a very long time since I've crossed paths with a song this addictive. I've lost count of how many times I've listened to it. Below is the hilarious music video for the track, which stars Cook as a perverted stalker.

Yacht Club's Bandcamp page has a handful of other drum-machine driven, synth-heavy jams available for listening, which will all eventually be available as seven-inches on a few different labels (Daps, Burger, Pretty Pretty).

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