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12 O'Clock Track: Sannhet's instrumental metal "Absecon Isle"



There are probably dozens of ways to categorize the instrumental music of Sannhet. Postrock, postmetal, postwhatever, the Brooklyn trio makes eerie, foreboding music with a blackish metal tint that aids in differentiating them from the more hush-hush-loud fare of our present-day instrumental and postrock heavy hitters (Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, Mogwai, etc). On February 19, Sannhet is releasing the full-length Known Flood through Sacrament Music—the brand-new label formed by the dudes who run Brooklyn metal venue Saint Vitus. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is the album's opening track, "Absecon Isle."

Never mind the full-bore blast beat at the beginning, what makes the track metal is its underlying evil. When the breakdown comes in about a minute deep, the guitar creates a haunting, ascending melody that's equal parts terrifying and majestic. It could just as easily soundtrack an apocalyptic holocaust as it could a Tolkien novel, and the tension only intensifies as the bass pedal steadily thuds along, pushing you further and further down a pretty ominous rabbit hole.

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