Is a reality TV show about a small-town paper a peacock-amamy idea? | Bleader

Is a reality TV show about a small-town paper a peacock-amamy idea?


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Coming to prime time?
  • Coming to prime time?
Jim Romenesko is tracking a big story—NBC-TV's hunt for a small-town newspaper to feature in a new reality series. Some 70 papers have expressed interest.

As word spreads about this exciting tribute to the life we've chosen, it's being received with the enthusiasm ink-stained wretches are famous for.

Sean Scully of the Weekly Calistogan commented on Romenesko's Facebook page to say, "The producers missed out on their chance to follow my dramatic life: Two and a half hours last night hearing about water and sewer rates, followed by a late dinner of cheese, crackers and beer."

To which Andrew Ottoson of the Idaho County Free Press responded, "There could have been a two-parter about a major dilemma: which regular advertiser to call when a leak is discovered in the ceiling above the utility closet. Part one: news staffers saying things like 'but we still have coffee, right?'"

Meanwhile, in Great Falls, Montana, blogger David wondered on his site if some version of the Great Falls screen image pictured above would be used for dramatic effect.

My own first thought was that NBC should pick up the story a few years earlier in the lives of its protagonists. I picture two talented, driven young women rooming together at Northwestern. One is a varsity lacrosse player; the other a Medill editorial major. The first season ends at graduation, as each strides purposefully into life to pursue the opportunities offered by her chosen profession. They banter sassily about who will get rich faster.

Romensko's on top of the story as it develops.


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