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A picky reader reads the Chicago Tribune


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Whats up inside Tribune Tower?
  • DDima
  • What's up inside Tribune Tower?
Too petty to mention but too annoying to ignore . . .

And old-fashioned copy editors would have kept both out of the paper . . .

Sports columnist David Haugh's interview with schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett properly made the front page of Thursday's Tribune. Byrd-Bennett had suspended the varsity basketball coaches at Simeon and Morgan Park high schools for what Haugh called a "profane altercation in front of players" when the schools met January 16 at Chicago State University. Coaches are expected to lead by example. Some example. I can't think of another schools chief in memory who I can be confident would have acted with the toughness of Byrd-Bennett. So good for her. And good for Haugh for doing the interview.

But it ended with this little flourish:

[Byrd-Bennett's] a woman who once changed rules to require student-athletes in Cleveland public schools maintain a 2.5 GPA for eligibility.

"They went ballistic,'' Byrd-Bennett said, smiling.

As Byrd-Bennett was reminded Wednesday, sometimes raising the bar makes people angry. Welcome to Chicago, chief.

What's that about? Nothing in Haugh's story reports or even suggests an angry local reaction to Byrd-Bennett's disciplinary measure. Nothing in other coverage does either.

And Joakim Noah clearly did something spectacular to win Wednesday night's Bulls game against the Pistons. "A play for the ages," reported the Trib's K.C. Johnson. Marco Belinelli wound up scoring. Noah wound up in the photographers' pit.

But Johnson doesn't say what happened. He teases:

"But make sure to find a replay of Noah's hustle, which came off Belinelli's bricked jumper. As Noah tumbled into cameras and cheerleaders, Belinelli cut to the basket, grabbed the fruit of Noah's effort and laid it in as Rodney Stuckey fouled him."

Taking Johnson's advice, at chicagotribune.com, I'm looking for a video of the play. What I find is the coach talking about it.

OK, I'm being picky.

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