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Win a date with the Reader's Leor Galil to see The Book of Mormon on Valentine's Day


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The actual tickets
  • The actual tickets
Valentine's Day is one week from today. Of course, many of you couldn't care less about the expensive prix fixe dinners and lovey-dovey pink shit everywhere, and we here at the Reader don't blame you—we did just drop an issue titled "Romance Is for Suckers," after all. But we also figure some of our readers want to get out of the house that day, regardless of their relationship status. Well, we may have you covered.

Reader music writer Leor Galil (this guy right here) wants to take you out this Valentine's Day. Maybe not you specifically, but you know, you as it pertains to the female readers of this post. He recently obtained a pair of sought-after tickets to the play The Book of Mormon at the Bank of America Theatre. There's no reason to get into the specifics of how or why he obtained a free pair of $75 tickets to the wildly successful and usually sold out musical created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park. He just has them, OK? And he wants some company.

But there are some hoops you'll have to jump through first. Below are five excellent questions Leor composed that will help in his quest to find the perfect companion for the evening. Just send your best answers to (not to Leor's e-mail) by this Monday at 5 PM, and provide a link that verifies you actually exist on the Internet (e.g. Facebook or Tumblr account, Twitter handle, etc). Because if you don't exist on the Internet, you don't exist at all.

If you were to release an album on any format of your choosing—cassette, CD, eight-track, vinyl, free DatPiff download, USB-stick embedded in a gummy Lincoln figurine, a T-shirt with a download card, etc—what would it be and why?

If the Library of Congress's collection of modern American literature was burning and you could only save one work of fiction and one work of non-fiction what would they be and why?

If you had to pick four films for a movie marathon at the Music Box, what would they be and how would they fit together thematically?

If you could be a member of any art movement—De Stijl, Pop, Modern, Street, Surrealism, etc—what would it be and why?

What's your favorite cereal?

Finally, did we mention that Leor is, like, the nicest guy ever? Because he totally is.

Good luck!