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Ladies get laid for free today



Theres no such thing as a free lunch.
That's the takeaway from a press release from the website, which cites a "study" that found that, on average, men will need to shell out $218 on Valentine's Day in exchange for hanky-panky, which strategy will be effective on account of women's retiring tendencies: "Valentine's Day was a holiday created for women, everything from chocolate hearts to pink and red cards leaves women with a heightened sense of romance. It's no secret that men look to capitalize on their vulnerability in hopes of entering a new relationship, or get rewarded with lovemaking." pairs "sugar daddies" with what the site calls, in a totally not infantilizing way, "sugar babies." Based on a survey of 9,000 "women"—let's assume they're the sexy, incorporeal ladybots who send you e-mails asking you to check out the photos on their Facebook pages—SeekingArrangement determined that single folk can expect to spend $157 on V-Day for "Dinner or Activity"; married people will spend $203, and "Committed a Relationship" people will spend $180, on "Presents." Presumably a typo, "Committed a Relationship" may be an accidentally apt description of the activities of the kind of felons-in-training who make up the ranks of the website's Arrangement Seekers.

Anyway, today women can realize the promise of feminism by spending nothing and getting laid by the time the . . . ball drops, or whatever happens tonight. Happy Valentine's Day!