12 O'Clock Track Premiere: AbdeCaf's remix of "Yes, Some Things are So Heavy" by Conveyor



I've been keeping an eye on 21-year-old Miami producer Steve Vaynshtok, aka AbdeCaf, since he dropped me a line just before he was scheduled to play last summer's North Coast Music Festival. Vaynshtok tinkers with spastic chiptune, brooding cloud rap, and hyperactive disco, and he excels when he manages to instill a song with a smidgen of melancholy; one of the best moments on last year's Rebuild EP is when a warped sample of Drake's "Crew Love" first appears on "Old Flame," providing the silky and syrupy track with its wistful tone.

So when Vaynshtok approached me to premiere a remix he did of "Yes, Some Things Are So Heavy" by Brooklyn indie-rock outfit Conveyor, I was interested; once I heard the song, I was hooked. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is the premiere in question, which you can hear after the jump.

Vaynshtok's remix is a moody, chopped-and-screwed take on the original, but halfway through the tune the producer cranks up the tempo and tosses some high-pitched, hyperfast synth patterns into the mix. It can sound a bit jarring at times, but Vaynshtok keeps the remix grounded in the woozy atmosphere that opens the track. Take a listen to it below, and give a listen to the original tune by Conveyor, who play an early show at the Empty Bottle on Sunday.

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