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Fat power, or conserve your schmaltz


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four fats
Last week one of my favorite blogs reminded me of a particular problem I have with fat. Yes, I'm a fat hoarder. Apart from butter and lard, I usually have about three or four little containers of various animal fats stored in the back of the refrigerator, by-products of various meals and my inability to throw anything even remotely edible away. I don't typically have the variety of Mark Smrecek's exotic menagerie, but I do have some oddballs, like a green pipian-infused schmaltz I collected after making stock from a bird I'd cooked in mole verde. Not mold. Mole. One of the most luxurious fats I ever produced was a confit made from a Butcher & Larder pork collar.

Typically, it's not so fine. Whenever I fry bacon or cook a bird and make stock with the carcass, there are usually several tablespoons of perfectly good lipids to reserve for some other use, usually sauteeing vegetables. The great Canadian food writer Jennifer McLagan devoted an entire book to the wonderful, healthy things you can do with butter, poultry, pork, beef, and lamb fat.

What? You're turning up your nose? I bet you don't feel that way about the duck-fat fries at Hot Doug's.

The lesson is: embrace your fat.

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