12 O'Clock Track: Cyril Hahn's megachill "Say My Name" remix | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Cyril Hahn's megachill "Say My Name" remix



Recently I decided to make a DJ mix, and with so much psychedelically atmospheric rap and R&B and dance music that's come out recently, I decided to go with a chill-out theme. At one point during the several days I spent tweaking the track listing and order before actually mixing it, my friend passed along Cyril Hahn's remix of the Destiny's Child classic "Say My Name," which turned out to fit perfectly. Hahn slowed and pitched down the vocals, and replaced the turn-of-the-millennium R&B instrumentation with a lean disco beat—the results sound sort of like the Knife covering Donna Summer—and since that sounds absolutely perfect to me, I kind of can't believe that it had been around for a whole year without me hearing it. It also turned out to fit in the mix much better than Ad•ver•sary's syrupy "drag disco mix" of Ke$ha's "Die Young," which I was really trying to work in there. Hit the jump to feel the chill disco vibes.