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Tyler, the Creator's safe Mountain Dew ad


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Tyler the Creator presents Mountain Dew
  • Tyler, the Creator presents Mountain Dew
Tyler, the Creator, figurehead of LA rap collective Odd Future, is dropping a new solo album in a couple weeks called Wolf, and the deep-voiced MC has been kicking around publicly in a big way. Tyler played the Metro last week as part of a trek to promote the album; Odd Future's Adult Swim sketch show, Loiter Squad, recently kicked off its second season; and a couple days ago Odd Future's YouTube account debuted a commercial Tyler directed for Mountain Dew starring a goat named Felicia.

Obviously, the commercial focuses on the noxious-looking, green-colored soda instead of Tyler's brand. But anyone familiar with the rapper's goofy, absurd sense of humor and his visual aesthetic—over-the-top cartoonish scenes played out in rich HD—will immediately know he had something to do with it. If a 30-second spot featuring a crazed goat attacking a waitress while speaking in a gruff tone eerily similar to Tyler's voice isn't enough of a clue, the end shot includes the URL for the Loiter Squad site.

It's a pretty safe clip, perhaps surprisingly so considering Odd Future's infamous rise to fame a couple years ago; the group stoked its image and lyrics with plenty of shock value, which earned Odd Future plenty of critics who couldn't get past, say, Tyler's explicitly violent and derogatory lyrics. And yet as the years have passed and other rising rappers have attracted plenty of negative attention (Chief Keef in particular), Odd Future's antics appear to be just that—antics. Antics that a friendly yet quasi-edgy soft-drink company can use to promote its own brand. Two years after that collective became a feared phenomenon, Odd Future appears to have as much of a negative impact on the real world as a talking goat.

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