12 O'Clock Track Premiere: Dope Body's warped new sludge-funk single, "Leather Head"



Dope Body in the Leather Head video
  • Dope Body in the "Leather Head" video
I've kept an eye on Baltimore's Dope Body since they released the furious noise-punk album Nupping in 2011. The four dudes in the group have since cleaned up quite a bit without disrupting the quaking sludge-funk that factors so prominently into their sound; last year's Natural History has all the passion and aggression of the band's harsh first recordings sans the sometimes overbearing distortion.

Earlier this week Dope Body dropped a new seven-inch single called Saturday, and today's 12 O'Clock Track is the A-side cut, "Leather Head."

With its disjointed funk riffs and the muffled howls of front man Andrew Laumann (sometimes it sounds like he recorded the vocals with a pillow strapped to his face), "Leather Head" is an endearingly warped aggro-rock tune; the track sounds like a cassette of a 90s alt-rock single after it's been left in the sun a little too long. Check out the similarly warped video for "Leather Head" below and grab Saturday from Drag City.

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