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Preview Permanent Records' international RSD lineup


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WatchOut!s Flashbacker
  • WatchOut!'s Flashbacker
Record Store Day, the high holiday for obsessive vinyl hounds, is still almost a month away, but the list of RSD-exclusive releases that will be available is already up. Among the Call of Duty: Black Ops II-branded Avenged Sevenfold vinyl and five-album Emerson, Lake & Palmer picture disc box sets there are a few wilier-looking specimens here and there. Two of them are special RSD releases from the Permanent Records label that are a little too exciting for me to wait a month to post.

Both are vinyl reissues of bands from outside the States. The one that might jump out at you first is the evocatively named Cuntz, from Melbourne, Australia. Their Aloha album, originally released on the Australian label Homeless, has some of the Birthday Party's ghastly vibe and a lot of sonic sludge and aggressively abrasive attitude borrowed from the 80s heyday of the pigfuck movement.

While I'm still acclimating myself to Aloha's malicious charms, I fell for the Chilean group WatchOut!'s Flashbacker immediately upon cueing it up. Their music's foundation is strongly rooted in the more giddily psychedelic end of the vintage South American tropicalia spectrum represented by Os Mutantes, but they layer in a thick streak of krautrock that works surprisingly well, and is a major piece of evidence supporting my working theory that you can mix krautrock with literally any other style of music and it will sound good.

Each album will come in a pressing of 200 copies on black vinyl that should be available through stores that normally stock Permanent's stuff, as well as a run of 100 white vinyl copies that will only be available at Permanent's Chicago and LA stores beginning April 20. Here's a song from each.

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