Tina Fey, child soldiers, and the rest of this week's screenings | Bleader

Tina Fey, child soldiers, and the rest of this week's screenings


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War Witch
  • Tribeca Films
  • War Witch
In this week's issue Ben Sachs gives four stars to the Taviani brothers' Caesar Must Die, opening Friday at Music Box, and our sidebar for the European Union Film Festival rounds up the last week's offerings at Gene Siskel Film Center. Also check out the new reviews for Admission, a comedy about college admissions with Tina Fey and Paul Rudd; Dorfman in Love, an indie comedy about a Valley Girl who falls for a Lebanese artist; Ginger & Rosa, a coming-of-age tale about two teenage girls by British filmmaker Sally Potter (Orlando); On the Road, a big-screen adaptation of the Jack Kerouac novel; Spring Breakers, an exploitation flick by Harmony Korine (Trash Humpers); and War Witch, a recommended docudrama about child soldiers in Africa.

City of Fear
  • City of Fear
Best bets for repertory: Irving Lerner's City of Fear (1959), plus two rare early shorts by Lerner, Wednesday at the Portage; Amy Heckerling's Clueless (1995), Friday, Saturday, and Monday at the Logan; Orson Welles's The Stranger (1946), Saturday and Sunday morning at Music Box; Ron Mann's Tales of the Rat Fink, Tuesday on TV monitors at Delilah's; and Walter Hill's The Warriors (1979), screening in 35-millimeter on Friday and Monday at the Patio.

Off the beaten track, Alliance Francais presents its Festival du Film Francophone, with video-projection screenings of some new international titles, and Chicago Filmmakers gives you a chance to show your own stuff at its open screening. Hey, I knew I'd get your attention eventually.

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