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Limp Bizkit makes Lil Wayne sound OK


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Right about now the last thing I want to think about is Limp Bizkit. The Florida nu-metal band hardly ever enters my mind—except through infrequent memories of middle school, which coincided with the group's peak in popularity—but I can't get Limp Bizkit off my brain since Sunday. That's when I heard "Ready to Go," the band's new, six-minute long single that includes a contribution from fallen rap idol and Cash Money labelmate Lil Wayne.

Let's get this out of the way up front: "Ready to Go" is not good. I've heard it enough to figure that out (aka once), and yet I kept listening in profound confusion. The canned pop-metal riffs contradict the manic energy of the keg-standing party-dude 'tude Limp Bizkit wants to create with the track, which also lacks the kind of awe-striking braggadocios that front man Fred Durst awkwardly raps about in gnarled meathead phrases. "Ready to Go" is a spectacular failure of a song that's unfortunately more fun to study and observe under a microscope than it is to actually experience. I've thought about one particularly bad lyrical non sequitur about pumpkin pie* so much that it's popped up in my Twitter feed twice since Sunday, and I imagine it'll wind up there at least once more before the week ends.

There's a lot of bad things to unpack on "Ready to Go," but Lil Wayne's appearance is the least of it, and the worst part of his participation in the song is the fact that he participates in the song. His contribution is mostly just uninspired and unmemorable, which is also a criticism lobbied at Wayne for his brand new tenth album, I Am Not a Human Being II. The album hasn't been well received, another sign that the MC is having a particularly tough month—after all, it's been just a couple weeks since Wayne landed in the ICU due to seizures. But there is a silver lining; he may have been on a Limp Bizkit song, but at least he wasn't the dude telling listeners to "finger fuck the sky." Thanks, Fred Durst, for unintentionally making Lil Wayne look a little better.

*The line goes: "She like the way we pump it / I call her pumpkin pie"

Leor Galil writes about hip-hop every Wednesday.

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