12 O'Clock Track: That welcome 90s alt sound shines through on Bed Wettin' Bad Boys' "Any Day Now"



The name Bed Wettin' Bad Boys is demanding not to be taken seriously, and when the foursome from Sydney started fiddling around with their jangly, Westerberg-happy sound, I think that's pretty much what they were going for. But having released their debut full-length, Ready for Boredom, earlier this year on the do-no-wrong, upstart R.I.P. Society garage label—run by Nic Warnock, the band's bassist—they're worth more than just your mild attention. Today's 12 O'Clock Track, "Any Day Now," is a perfectly orchestrated bit of restless 90s alt-rock: scratchy, cracking vocals that go for keys they know they can't hit and perfect, cutting guitar leads that ache, almost in a sarcastic way, as they rise and fall. From what I had heard from BWBB prior to this album—that is, a pair of seven-inches—I seriously can't believe how good this song is (but I already made that point, didn't I?). Check out the video below.

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