12 O'Clock Track: "Liquid Fiend," a brilliant garage-punk gem from the recently defunct Blasted Canyons


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2nd Place
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After having played a handful of shows around last year's SXSW with San Fransisco's Blasted Canyons, I excitedly put them on a 12 O'Clock Track upon arrival home. I fell in love with their blown-out, synthy garage punk and their round-robin live performances. All good things must come to an end, I suppose, because last week the band posted on Facebook that they'd broken up, saying one member was "done with the band." It's always a bummer when a great band calls it a day, so in honor of the fallen Blasted Canyons, today's 12 O'Clock Track is one of their finest moments, the manic rager "Liquid Fiend" from 2012's 2nd Place EP.

This track kind of sums up everything great about Blasted Canyons: poppy guitar hook, the dirgy synth, and unstable-sounding call-and-response vocals. It's a top-notch punk rock jam, with that groovy, weirdo SF vibe. This song got a whole lot of airtime over the past year. RIP, guys.

It's sad to see them go, but when one door closes, another opens: Blasted Canyons member Hether Fortune will be in town on April 20th with her excellent post-punk project Wax Idols, and I'm excited to see what the band's other two members, Matt Jones and Adam Finken, come up with next.


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