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Tribune to Kochs? Not if they can help it.



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Last week, Michael Miner wrote about the possible sale of the Chicago Tribune to brothers David and Charles Koch, multibillionaires who are particularly well known for their controversial libertarian politics and flagrantly anti-Obama stance. As Miner wrote, many people fear that a Koch takeover would radically change the Tribune for the worse; tomorrow, some of those people will make their voices heard. According to a press release, the protest is scheduled for 11:45 tomorrow morning outside of Tribune Tower. The full release is below.

Chicagoans to Protest Sale of Chicago Tribune to Radical Right-wing Koch Brothers

As part of a quickly growing national campaign, community groups, leaders, and residents will try to stop potential sale with action at Tribune Building

Who: Hundreds of concerned Chicago community groups, leaders, and residents

What: Community rally against the potential sale of the Tribune Newspapers to the Koch Brothers

When: Wednesday, May 8, 11:45 AM

Where: Tribune Tower, 435 N Michigan

CHICAGO—Hundreds of concerned Chicago community groups, leaders, and residents will rally in front of the Tribune Building on Wednesday to try to stop the sale of the Tribune Newspaper and Co. to the Koch brothers. The Kochs have funded right-wing think tanks and political campaigns and are now trying to purchase nine daily newspapers to further their libertarian anti-government, anti-union agenda.

The Koch Brothers have a long-term strategy to advance their political agenda through the funding of think tanks, political campaigns, and the media. They have advocated a right-wing political agenda that negatively affect Chicago and the nation’s working class community, from opposition to Social Security and the new healthcare law, attacking the minimum wage, unemployment benefits and consumer protections, and opposing reform of financial derivatives

Wednesday’s action follows nationwide criticism and action against the potential purchase. Los Angeles council members, including a candidate for mayor, want the city to consider and weigh in on the sale. Half of the staff of the LA Times may quit if the Koch brothers buy the company. Communities, politicians, and journalists nation wide are coming together to fight for real news, not right-wing Tea Party propaganda.

The sale of the Tribune and nine other daily papers, including the Los Angeles Times and the Baltimore Sun, is expected to happen sometime in May, and the Kochs are expected to be the highest bidder.