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Anatomy of Habit debut their new lineup tomorrow night



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At the beginning of the year, Gossip Wolf reported that monstrous local five-piece Anatomy of Habit had retooled their lineup, and now, five months later, we get to see the refurbished band live, opening for French post-rockers Ulan Bator at Cobra Lounge on Friday night. Anatomy of Habit, a band known for intense, terrifying post-metal dirges and heady experimental rock, have bid farewell to guitarist Greg Ratajczak, metal percussionist Blake Edwards, and drummer Noah Leger (who had replaced original drummer Dylan Posa), and have added even more star power to the lineup.

Guitar duties are now being handled by Indian and former Wolves in the Throne Room member Will Lindsay, a local heavy-metal guru. John McEntire, Tortoise member and owner of Soma Electronic Music Studios, will be handling the drum kit. And the newest addition to the lineup is Joan of Arc drummer Theo Katsaounis, who will be taking over on secondary percussion.

That's a lot of personality and volume right there. My prediction is that Anatomy of Habit will somehow be even bigger and scarier than before. No recorded output with the new guys is available yet, but the band, which puts out their own material, has been releasing a constant stream of music since their inception, so we're bound to hear what they've created sometime very soon.

As for the former members of the band? As I reported a couple of months ago, Ratajczak is back to making noise with his old cyber-grind project Plague Bringer, and Leger has taken up the drum throne with Disappears, who you may have heard of before.

Everything the band has recorded—with their original lineup, at least—is available for free streaming on their Bandcamp page. And in case you didn't pick up on it earlier in this post, it's absolutely excellent.

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