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Best shows to see: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper, the Body, and Deep Sea Diver



Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
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  • Lady Lamb the Beekeeper
The week's just beginning, and it's another busy one. The obvious highlight of a stacked list of great shows is Kurt Vile, who's playing Lincoln Hall on Tue 5/14 in support of his excellent new record Wakin on a Pretty Daze. The bad news: the show is sold out. But there are a couple of reasons not to get too bummed if you don't have a tickets. First off, Vile will be back in town this summer, playing at Metro in July. Second, there are tons of other acts to catch this week. Below, we highlight some of Soundboard's best picks from the first half. Take a look, there's a little something for everybody.

Tue 5/14: Lady Lamb the Beekeeper at Schubas

Aly Spaltro is Lady Lamb the Beekeeper. "Ripely Pine, produced by Nadim Issa with a large support cast, shows off Spaltro's sharp melodic sensibilities and easygoing voice, which at its coolest recalls the Tin Pan Alley breeziness of Leslie Feist," says Peter Margasak. "Elaborate arrangements loaded with strings and horns bring bright splashes of color and extra oomph to her pop songs. She's also a promising guitarist, breaking up the ebullience of the album by peppering it with stinging psychedelic solos."

Tue 5/14: The Body at Empty Bottle

This Portland duo bring their sludgy doom to the Bottle tonight. "The new EP Master, We Perish (At a Loss) is especially grim," notes Leor Galil. Opener "'The Ebb and Flow of Tides in a Sea of Ash' kicks off with a civil-defense siren blaring through a hailstorm of drumming and blown-out guitar blackened with low-end distortion—by the time guitarist and front man Chip King lets loose with his bloodletting screech, it's easy to picture the denizens of a small town fleeing an apocalypse of fire and brimstone."

Wed 5/15: Deep Sea Diver at Lincoln Hall

"On their self-released debut full-length, History Speaks, the Deep Sea Diver (essentially front woman Jessica Dobson and her drummer husband, Peter Mansen) mill around in indie-rock territory without staking a specific claim—they're likely to bookend giddy pop songs with, say, soulfully throaty dirges," says Kevin Warwick. "Dobson has played with charting indie acts (the Shins, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck), and she shows off impressive songwriting chops and vocal range throughout, exhibiting a flair for the (overly) dramatic and a tendency to bounce around playfully, tambourine in hand."