12 O'Clock Track: Noisy shoegaze on No Joy's "Slug Night" | Bleader

12 O'Clock Track: Noisy shoegaze on No Joy's "Slug Night"


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Wait For Pleasure
  • Wait For Pleasure
On Mother's Day, I went to Lincoln Hall to catch Canadian noise-rock powerhouse Metz (who have recently built up the bro-iest fanbase ever, apparently) and TV Ghost, a dramatic postpunk act from Indiana. First up on the bill was No Joy, another band from Canada who had been added only the day before. I'm glad I got to the show early enough to catch them, because their set was really excellent. They play a catchy style of noisy shoegaze that falls somewhere in between the feedbacky onslaught of a young Sonic Youth and the lush warmth of My Bloody Valentine. The three girls up front shred their guitars, running them through chains of effects and delay pedals while the drummer holds it down and keeps it simple and in the pocket, a move taken directly from the Steve Shelley playbook. Today's 12 O'Clock Track is "Slug Night" from No Joy's brand-new LP Wait For Pleasure. This song falls a little more towards the MBV end of the spectrum, with layers of beautiful fuzz taking up all the sonic space imaginable while Jasmine White-Glutz sings a smooth, hooky melody on top of it.

Wait For Pleasure is available on Mexican Summer.

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