Gay marriage breakdown: The Republican state of Chicago's Democratic politics | Bleader

Gay marriage breakdown: The Republican state of Chicago's Democratic politics


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Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Attorney General Lisa Madigan in January, 2013
It was a big week for our state legislators as they jacked up your property taxes, wasted millions of tax dollars and screwed over gays and lesbians looking to get married.

Heckuva job, legislators—enjoy your summer.

The tax hike came in the overwhelming vote by the senate and house to approve Mayor Emanuel's monumentally stupid idea to spend $55 million to buy up land to build a hotel and basketball arena near McCormick Place. That's an idea that only makes sense when you consider it as part of the mayor's larger plan to bankrupt the public schools.

As for gay marriage, our state reps had to pull the bill because they somehow couldn't round up enough votes to pass it, even though we live in one of the most Democratic states in the America. That's pretty pathetic, everybody.

You know, the arguments against gay marriage remind me of the ones against legalizing marijuana. People pretend it's such a big scary deal even though everyone does it.

Wait, that didn't come out right. Oh, you know what I mean.

The point is gay marriage can't be that controversial if those yokels in Iowa have it. Why, at the rate we're going, the Cheeseheads in Wisconsin will have it before we do. If that happens, people, I swear—I'm rooting for the Packers!

In the aftermath of the legislative retreat on gay marriage, there's all sorts of finger-pointing.

Well, Democrats, I say that instead of blaming state representative Greg Harris, the bill's sponsor, or black legislators who were hesitant to support it, or even the wimpy Republican moderates who cower in fear of the Tea Party . . . look at the top of your party.

The state's two most powerful politicians—House Speaker Michael Madigan and Mayor Rahm Emanuel—swear up and down they support gay marriage.

But when push came to shove, they didn't do jack to get it approved.

In Madigan's case, he obviously sees gay marriage as sort of an ATM for his war chest. The more it loses, the more gay activists have to come back to him, begging for support—usually with campaign contributions in hand. He had no incentive to get gay marriage passed, so he didn't muscle the votes it needed.

Don't take it personally, people. I watched Madigan play a similar game with homeowners looking for property tax relief—year after year after year.

As for my good friend the mayor, not long ago he promised that getting gay marriage legalized was one of chief goals for this legislative session.

Well, you now how it goes with Mayor Rahm. There are things he might want to do and things he's gotta get done! As in—take out the tampons and do it now!

Obviously, the mayor's top priority was that wacked-out hotel/basketball deal.

In Emanuel's defense—even an all-powerful mayor only has so much time and influence. Obviously, he can't afford to use them on something as trivial as gay marriage—not when there's millions of dollars to waste and schools to defund!

The irony is that Emanuel received a lot of gay votes in the last election. Looks like black voters weren't the only ones who got bamboozled.

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