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Best shows to see: Silver Apples, Mikal Cronin, Glen Hansard, Intronaut



Simeon of Silver Apples
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  • Simeon of Silver Apples
These are a slow few days for Soundboard, but that's logical. The blues take a lot out of you. Fortunately, there's still beer and LeBron (to root against).

There's also some great live music. Stockholm-based Kate Boy at Schubas, Irish songwriter Glen Hansard playing a free show at Jay Pritzker Pavillion, and Chvrches from Glasgow headlining Lincoln Hall today and tomorrow.

Also tomorrow night, Japandroids and Crocodiles swing by Metro, improvising cellist Tomeka Reid plays at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and Patterson Hood of Drive-By Truckers fame brings his band the Downtown Rumblers to SPACE.

On Wednesday, Christopher Owens of Girls comes to the Hideout, and folksy singer-songwriter Patty Griffin plays the Athenaeum Theatre.

More Soundboard picks after the jump:

Tue 6/11: Mikal Cronin at Empty Bottle

Garage-pop wizard Mikal Cronin is inextricably linked to Ty Segall, the figurehead of the Bay Area scene, but there's lots more to him than that. "You might be expecting reckless, trashy Segall-style scuzz ’n’ squeal on MCII, but it’s more Damien Jurado-style acoustic yarns than psychedelic wild-outs," writes Kevin Warwick. "On MCII the grungy 90s moments and loose guitar solos (some of which Segall contributed, of course) are wrapped in introspective, beautifully melodic pop, crowned by the ache in Cronin’s voice as he sings about entering the tail end of his 20s and 'starting over for a long time.' It’s as profoundly emotional as it is carefully crafted."

Wed 6/12: Intronaut at Double Door

Even if you're not the world's biggest fan of progressive metal, Intronaut is worth seeing just for drummer Danny Walker. Walker is "flat-out amazing: intricate, fluid, and dazzlingly creative. I mean, this guy can make five-based meters rock, which is like dancing with somebody who's got three legs," writes Philip Montoro. "Better yet, Intronaut executes these clockwork convolutions without sacrificing groove and swing. The complex patterns overlap like the tumbling transparent jewels in a kaleidoscope, and they can be just as engrossing." The band released its fourth album, Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones), this past March.

Wed 6/12: Silver Apples at the Owl

In 1994, when a German label bootlegged Silver Apples' two audio-oscillator albums from the 1960s, it started a cult revival. Simeon, who led the New York-based duo with his hand-rigged synthesizer (called, logically, "the Simeon"), started performing again with two young fans. Their tour van was forced off the road in 1998, though, and he broke his neck, putting a stop to the band's rebirth. Slowly but surely he's been getting back into live performance, even reconnecting with original drummer Danny Taylor before Taylor's passing in 2005. Tonight, Simeon plays a rare set at the Owl, using his original setup and prerecorded drum tracks; the free show is first come, first served, but as Gossip Wolf explains, you can be guaranteed admission with one of the silver apple "tickets" the bar has distributed at record stores around town. This is an opportunity to here synth music from an era before it was synonymous with pop—and long before robot helmets and Deadmau5 heads.