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For a good time read Riot Fest's Twitter


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Since Kanye West's Yeezus leaked earlier today, it's a little difficult to remember that other music-related things happened this week, but that's hardly the case; after all, Riot Fest did announce that the Replacements are reuniting to play all three iterations of its punk blowout, including the mammoth one in Humboldt Park.

Plenty of folks took to Twitter in response to the news, but the most interesting string of messages to the reunion and the festival in general has come from Riot Fest's Twitter. In the past couple days whoever is behind @RiotFest has expressed disbelief at the news that the Replacements are playing the event, offered to personally ring fans' parents to stump for the festival, chided followers for their poor spelling and grammar, mentioned that they put out on a first date (using the royal we, no less), and cracked punk jokes. Here are just a few examples:




If almost anyone else were to drop this on Twitter with the same speed and frequency as the person behind the Riot Fest account, it would be exceedingly creepy, but coming out of a mouthpiece for a three-day punk celebration with a ludicrous lineup, it's actually quite entertaining. Do yourself a favor and scroll through Riot Fest's Twitter—it's possibly the most lighthearted way to welcome the weekend.