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Just illin' with the New York Times


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Theyre everywhere.
  • alcantar214
  • They're everywhere.
I like Well, the weekly two-page spread in the New York Times, but I think it is misnamed.

Well runs in the Tuesday Science Times section, and it's also an NYT blog. In today's Well, I learned that failure to get enough sleep may shorten my life; that most people in public toilets don't wash their hands properly; that frequent high doses of some common meds can increase cardiovascular risk; that hearing loss is linked to general poor health in older adults; that children with food allergies are often bullied by their peers; and that aggression between siblings can cause deep psychological wounds. The "Really?" column checked into the claim that biofeedback devices can lower blood pressure, and found that they probably don't.

There was good news in Well last week: if you have no risk factors for periodontal disease, you may only have to get your teeth cleaned once a year. But Well killed the buzz from that report with stories on the pain of constipation, oral cancer, the childhood fear of drowning, and new evidence that designated drivers often drink.

I suppose not many people would turn to a regular feature called Ill. Besides, as Tolstoy used to say, All healthy people are alike, but they all wash their hands in their own unhealthy way.

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