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Reader readers love Mayor Rahm—a critical analysis!



Rahm Emanuel laughing it up.
It's come to my attention that among the many winners in this year's Best of Chicago poll was Mayor Rahm—gulp.

Reader readers voted him Best Politico.

It's also come to my attention that in the category of Best Alderman, Reader readers chose Danny Solis, one of the mayor's most dependable rubber stamps. A category which should definitely be part of next year's poll.

These things have come to my attention in large part because many of our Mayor Rahm-loving readers won't let me forget it.

As in the reader who called to say . . .

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha—you fucking loser!

I must admit, it is a bit paradoxical that Reader readers would apparently have so much admiration for the mayor whose policies I've been bashing for the last couple of years.

Let me offer three possible explanations . . .

One—Reader readers don't read what I write.

Two—they read what I write, only they don't agree with it.

Three—Mayor Rahm rigged the poll.

Well, this is Chicago and he is Mayor Rahm.

In some ways, Alderman Solis's triumph is more startling than the mayor's. This is, after all, a politician who barely eked out reelection in a heated runoff against Cuauhtemoc Morfin only two years ago.

Largely thanks to overwhelming support from Chinatown.

Forget it, Jake . . .

I'm not sure what his victory in the Reader poll says about our readers—other than they're capable of holding diametrically opposing points of view.

For example, as far as I can tell, the number one complaint of Reader readers in the last few years has been the parking meter deal. Which Alderman Solis voted for—twice! Once when Mayor Daley concocted it, and a second time when Mayor Emanuel had the council reaffirm it.

On the other hand, Alderman Solis was the floor leader in the movement—tepid though it was—to reduce the penalty for possessing marijuana.

Which—in my opinion—remains the single greatest achievement of Mayor Rahm's reign.

In any event, Alderman Solis has apparently transformed himself from aging Democratic hack into supercool hipster.

Congratulations, Danny. Like I always tell you—you have more lives than a cat!

For the record, I have no hard feelings regarding these results. As I learned years ago from my grandfather—who ran a small business—the customers are always right!

Even when they're wrong.

Also, keep this in mind . . .

Cook County board president Toni Preckwinkle was runner-up in the race for Best Politico. And CTU president Karen Lewis won the poll for Best Activist.

Maybe this is our readers' way of saying, Run, Toni, run—backed by Karen Lewis, course. So that in 2015 we can have a meaningful and well-contested referendum on where we want Chicago to go in the coming years.

One can only hope.