Reader's Agenda Mon 6/24: Divina Futura, Repo Man, and the Smartypants Spelling Bee



Divina Futura
  • Divina Futura
Looking for something to do today? Agenda's got you covered:

Italian artist Marco Nereo Rotelli, who specializes in light installations, has projected poetry onto World Cup Park in Seoul and Northwestern's Deering Library. Tonight, he tags the Field Museum with Divina Natura, an hour-long light show based on Dante's Divine Comedy.

Alex Cox's cult classic Repo Man screens at the Gene Siskel Film Center, part of its ongoing Date With the 80s series. "Cox's style is a step beyond camp into a comedy of pure disgust; much of the film is churlishly unpleasant, but there's a core of genuine anger that gives the project an emotional validation lacking in the flabby American comedies of the early 80s," writes former Reader critic Dave Kehr.

Ever had delusions of spelling grandeur? Tonight at Mayne Stage, WGN's Nick Digilio hosts the Smartypants Spelling Bee, a self-declared "pageant of perspicacity" that benefits Rogers Park's Lifeline Theatre. By the way, perspicacity's language of origin is Latin.

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