Did you read about Abe Lincoln, Nazi-themed cafés, and Tom Thibodeau?



Abe Lincoln and Stand Your Ground
  • Courtesy Wikicommons
  • Abe Lincoln and Stand Your Ground
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Hey, did you read:

• About Abe Lincoln and Stand Your Ground? Steve Bogira

• About the Romanian mom who says she incinerated works by Monet, Matisse, and others in order to protect her son from prosecution for stealing them? Tony Adler

• That after the school-lunch poisonings that killed 23 children, head teachers in the Indian state of Bihar have been ordered to taste any food to be distributed, to "dispel any fear"? Kate Schmidt

• About the Nazi-themed café in Indonesia? Aimee Levitt

• That the narratives in many recent Hollywood movies can allegedly be traced back to this single screenwriting book? Drew Hunt

• This interview with Tom Thibodeau on all things Chicago Bulls? Tal Rosenberg

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