Reader's Agenda Sat 8/3: Geronimo!, Bon Festival, and art that skews perception



Bon-Dancing Festival
  • Atsu Tatsuki
  • Bon-Dancing Festival
Looking for something to do today? Agenda's got you covered:

Geronimo!'s recent six-song tape Buzz Yr Girlfriend Vol. 3: The Metal David Byrne recalls the snarling grunge of the 90s with angsty, distorted fervor. According to Kevin Warwick, it's their best work yet. Catch them after Lolla at Quenchers Saloon.

Mitsuwa Marketplace's Japanese-style summer festival kicks off today with a full lineup of "Yatai" (Japanese food stands) as well as Japanese-style boardwalk games like golden fish scooping. And of course, lots and lots of dancing.

Blur your reality at the Mission, where the second half of ACRE summer residents' two-part exhibition "Parallels" opened yesterday. Joshua Albers explores the role information technology plays in perception, and Yhelena Hall incorporates video and a three-dimensional model of a pre-Wright-brothers flying machine in her exploration of imagination and the human desire to fly.

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