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Best shows to see: Rooms Trio, Joe Morris, the Humminbird



Kyle Klipowicz and Muyassar Kurdi
  • Andrea Bauer
  • Kyle Klipowicz and Muyassar Kurdi, aka the Humminbird
Right now, you're either recovering from a weekend of avoiding high schoolers at Lolla or a weekend of avoiding high schoolers by not going to Lolla. In either case, the best cure is a refreshing dose of more live music. Luckily, Soundboard is licensed to issue prescriptions. Thank you—our parents are proud too.

For starters, how about these three? Monday, Chandeliers at the Empty Bottle; Tuesday, Tatsu Aoki at the MCA; and Wednesday, Chris Pureka at SPACE.

More Soundboard picks below.

Mon 8/5: The Humminbird at the Hideout

Recent Reader Best of Chicago honoree Muyassar Kurdi is a published erotic poet who makes her own organic soap and is working on a novella. Her music, which she performs as the Humminbird, is meditative, obtuse folk with few choruses and gracious heaps of harmonium and harmonies. Plus, the Autoharp! On her first cassette, Majesty of the Majestic, Kurdi works with Kyle Klipowicz, Graham Stephenson, and others, expanding beyond her original solo songwriting. At the Hideout, she opens for Diane Clark Cluck.

Tue 8/6: Rooms Trio at Constellation

Rooms Trio, made up of keyboardist Dan Pierson, bassist Charlie Kirchen, and drummer Matt Carroll, is a mainstream jazz outfit from the school of thought that embraces pop trends and distills them into postbop. Tuesday night they play a release party for their debut, Rooms—a set of lean, energetic, melody-driven compositions that, as Peter Margasak writes, "bridge the gap between the hyperactive mobility of the Bad Plus and the chill, soulful fusion of vintage Bob James."

Wed 8/7: Joe Morris at Hideout

Joe Morris's "distinctively tangled single-string lines are as original as anything produced on the jazz guitar in decades," writes Peter Margasak, who also praises Morris's deftness at collaboration. The guitarist is here making a three-day Chicago tour, working with several different combination of locals—Wednesday night he performs solo and in a trio with bassist Harrison Bankhead and drummer Michael Zerang, Thursday he plays in a duet and a quartet at Elastic, and Saturday he leads a trio at Constellation.