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Sage the Gemini does summer jams right


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At the moment there are two songs in the lower half of the Hot 100 by a previously unknown 20-year-old rapper from the Bay Area named Sage the Gemini. His name faintly screams "no-fun conscious rapper," but he's actually working in the proud tradition of California party rap that includes both the Bay's long-running hyphy scene and LA's more recent ratchet music phenomenon. Sage himself is kind of a Big Sean type: nonchalantly raunchy and possessed of a penchant for infusing his raps with enough dirty punch lines to elicit a chuckle or two per verse.

His song "Gas Pedal" debuted at number 58 this week, and marks the third appearance on the Hot 100 by rising rapper/producer Iamsu, whose mixtape Kilt II you can (and should) download here. It's a laid-back cut with the unhurried minimalist boom that's one of hyphy's primary moods when it's not strictly about doing so much molly that your face falls off.

But the better of the two songs is six slots lower. "Red Nose" leans more towards ratchet music, with its flickering high hat and surfeit of hand claps. It's a less impressive composition that lacks "Gas Pedal"s subtle creepy edge, but its hedonistic vibe is stronger and more direct. It's the summertime, after all, when it should be against the law to listen to any music that's not about dancing and/or getting laid, which is the sole lyrical concern of "Red Nose."

Fittingly, the video simply puts Sage together with a bunch of people who are really good at dirty, technically impressive dance moves and just lets them do their thing. It's the perfect pairing of ear candy with eye candy, and in a perfect world where I didn't have 12 hours of promos I need to get through sitting in my iTunes, I would watch this thing all day.

Hit the jump to check it out, as well as the video for "Gas Pedal":

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